Bumble Bee switches to recyclable cardboard multipacks

The move enables Bumble Bee to achieve its 98% returnable packaging quota three years ahead of schedule.
U.S.-based seafood company Bumble Bee Seafood has started using recyclable cardboard cartons instead of shrink wrap in its multi-pack canned products.
The cardboard used in these cartons is Forest Stewardship Council certified, made entirely from recycled materials, and contains at least 35% post-consumer content.
Bumble Bee will use the pack on all of its multipacks, including four-, six-, eight-, ten- and 12-packs.
The move will allow the company to eliminate approximately 23 million pieces of plastic waste each year.
Multi-can product packaging, including the outside of the box and the inside of the can, is fully recyclable.
Jan Tharp, President and CEO of Bumble Bee Seafood, said: “We recognize that the oceans feed more than 3 billion people each year.
“To continue to feed people through the power of the ocean, we also need to protect and nurture our oceans. We know the packaging we use on our products can play a role in it.
“Changing our multipack to be easily recyclable will help us continue to deliver on our commitment to keep plastic out of landfills and oceans.”
Bumble Bee’s new cardboard carton is designed to benefit the environment while providing advantages to consumers and retail customers.
The switch to recyclable cartons is part of Seafood Future, Bumble Bee’s sustainability and social impact initiative, launched in 2020.
The latest move puts Bumble Bee on that promise three years early, increasing the brand’s quota for easy-to-recycle packaging from 96% to 98%.
Bumble Bee supplies seafood and specialty protein products to more than 50 markets around the world, including the United States and Canada.

Post time: Apr-06-2022