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The packaging design of commodity seafood gift boxes should have its own requirements and standards, and the existence of anything has its commonality and characteristics. Knowing about the standards of commodity packaging can ensure the correctness of commodity packaging design specifications, which is conducive to the implementation, and also enables us to obtain specific and effective basis for judging the efficacy of commodity packaging. Product packaging design should have the following characteristics.
“Safety” is the guarantee of product packaging design. The primary problem of product packaging design is to maintain the original quality and state of the product. The ultimate goal of seafood gift box products is to promote product sales, so the safety of products in every link of circulation, storage and sales cannot be ignored. any

Everyone wants to be able to buy beautiful and complete products, including the value of product packaging design. “Safety” reflects the product’s own value and unique vitality, and also controls the fate of marketing. Therefore, taking “safety” as the primary criterion for product packaging design is

very necessary. Deviation from the “safety” criterion will inevitably lead to a great loss of the original value of the product, and such product packaging design goes against the design rules (Figure 1-14).
Commodity packaging materials, structure, seafood gift box marketing and production process all contain certain scientific knowledge and scientific principles and corresponding technological content. These scientific problems show that commodity packaging design is not just an aesthetic and artistic issue. Relying on scientific attitude and scientific knowledge

It is a method in commodity packaging design to solve problems on the basis of science and technology.
Many commodity packaging designs are the embodiment of the innovative achievements of science and technology.
Plastics have made new breakthroughs in the production and manufacturing materials, and also brought new development space for commodity packaging.
For different commodities, scientific selection of materials, forms and production methods can make commodity packaging more conducive to the preservation, storage, transportation and use of commodities.
Excessive packaging is an obvious phenomenon in our lives. There are many cases where form is greater than content. “Economy” includes both “saving” and “environmental protection”, which is also a topic that has received widespread attention. The consumables and pollution of commodity packaging are indeed a significant problem of commodity packaging.

problems, not to mention the excessive pursuit of the marketing benefits of commodities, the use of commodity packaging to make “windfall profits”
The phenomenon has exacerbated the negative effects of commodity packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to advocate saving and environmental protection as an important standard for commodity packaging design. Advocating the use of organic materials or recyclable materials, and trying to reduce unnecessary packaging layers should be the current commodity packaging

The first choice for outfit design. In fact, the development of normal products and packaging will never ignore the cost problem, because this will directly affect whether it is conducive to sales. Many countries in the world have made corresponding regulations on the cost standard of commodity packaging.
The key link of commodity sales is information transmission, which is an important content of commodity packaging design, and is also the key condition for commodities to enter the market and the basis for consumers to purchase commodities. People often have such a situation when shopping, when consumers buy general self-use goods, they do not

They don’t care about the design of the product packaging, they pay more attention to the situation and related information of the product itself. Our country has clear regulations on the information transmission part of the product packaging. Name, Substance Composition of Commodity

The content of the product, the production date and expiration date of the product, the approval number of the product and the necessary instructions for use, etc., must be marked on the main position of the seafood gift box packaging of the product. We as designers must consider this aspect and plan it rationally into our designs
The purpose of commodity packaging design is to promote the sales of commodities, which needs to be practically reflected in the specific measures of the design. The service of commodity packaging covers the pre-value preservation of commodity sales, information consultation in commodity sales and easy portability after sales, and even for consumers.

Provide services, etc. that facilitate the use of products. With the continuous improvement of the people-oriented concept, commodity packaging design has become the most important work item and content as a marketing service and a service for consumers. All kinds of portable designs in the common commodity packaging design are to give

The most basic services that bring convenience to shoppers. Therefore, we can say that if the packaging design of goods is to be beneficial to marketing, it must be considered to provide consumers with a certain degree of practical and effective service.
This is also an important standard for product packaging design (Figure 1-21, Figure 1-22).
Project summary
This project gives a comprehensive overview and explanation of the concept, meaning, purpose, standard, etc. of commodity packaging. The seafood gift box is a process to strengthen students’ overall cognition of packaging design and commodity packaging design. Fully understand the standards of product packaging design,

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