Shortage of cream cheese puts pressure on New Jersey cheesecake makers

The shortage of large cream cheese will not affect the timely delivery of New Jersey baker Junior’s Cheesecakes or Maddalena’s during the holidays.
Alan Rosen, the third-generation owner of Junior’s, stated that Junior’s, a Brooklyn-born cheesecake baker, made snacks in Burlington, and had to stop production after their Philadelphia-branded cream cheese was in short supply. Two days
“So far, we have passed. We are fulfilling our order. Last week we missed two days of production, last week we missed Thursday, but we made it up on Sunday,” Allen Rosen told New Jersey 101.5.
Rosen said that although the bagel can be without cream cheese, it is the core ingredient of Junior’s cheesecake.
“You can’t eat cheesecake without cream cheese — 85% of the cheesecake we put in is cream cheese,” Rosen said.”Cream cheese, fresh eggs, sugar, heavy cream, a touch of vanilla.”
Cream cheese is one of many products affected by supply chain shortages caused by the pandemic and economic recovery.
“There is a shortage of labor in the factory, and the second usage is rising, including us. So far this year, our cheesecake business may have grown by 43%. People are eating more comfort food, and they are eating more cheese. Cakes, people are baking more at home,” Rosen said.
Rosen believes that Junior’s will be able to complete their holiday orders.The deadline for ordering before Christmas is Monday, December 20.
Other ingredients used by Junior’s, such as chocolate and fruits, are not in short supply, but packaging is another matter.
“Earlier this year, we encountered problems with packaging supplies such as corrugated boxes and plastics, but now this situation is leveling off,” Rosen said.
Rosen said that Phialdelphia’a maker Kraft believes that the shortage of cream cheese will level off in the next two to three months as holiday demand decreases.
Janet Maddalena (Janet Maddalena) is the co-owner of Maddalena’s Cheese Cake and Catering in the Willingos district of East Amnes, and a smaller company is also facing similar supply problems as Junior’s.She anticipated a shortage and placed the order early.
“We order as early as possible so as not to be caught at the last minute,” Maddalena said.”We placed an order three months ago and asked them to arrange a one-week pallet for us,”
And the slow delivery of the boxes made Maddalena nervous, but everything was received at the last minute.
“The situation has improved and the situation has slowed down. We are trying to predict the shortage this year, and fortunately, this is in our favor,” Maddalena said.

Post time: Dec-28-2021